2016 Top 3 Video Converters

Rank #1 – Diamond VC500 Video Capture

PROS –The hardware portion of the converter can be used with any software as it recognizes the analog signal.

CONS – Does not work with Macintosh computers.

PRICE $30.95     Amazon

This VHS to DVD converter ranked number one in the home entertainment market because it includes the award winning program PowerDirector, which allows you to do everything you want with your converted footage. You can capture and then convert (copy) from any video source, including camcorders and video game consoles, and it allows you to save your VHS shows and memories. This Diamond VC500 Video Capture provides ease of use, fast installation with quality and universal applications.

Editor’s Note: These rankings came from TopTenReviews.

Tools and Customize

The software and VHS to DVD Converter work together perfectly.

  1. TRANSFER – VHS tape to a digital format to store on your computer or use Diamond’s built-in disc-burning capabilities to burn the imported file directly to a DVD.
  2. SHARE – converted home movies directly to YouTube and Facebook through the included video-editing software.
  3. EDIT –the software includes options for editing the video footage transferred to your PC.

While this model is not compatible with Mac computers, Diamond has a separate converter model that is compatible with Mac, so be sure to purchase the correct one for your computer.

 Editor’s Note: The system requirements was taken from the manufacture’s website, Diamond Multimedia.

System Requirements

DIAMOND VC500 One Touch Video Capture Edit Stream or Burn to DVD USB 2.0
Bus Type: USB | Part Number: VC500

Operating System: WIN10, WIN8, WIN 7 32, WIN 7 64, WIN VISTA32, WINXP, MCE
System CPU: AMD Athlon® or Intel ® Pentium ® 4
CPU Speed: 1.4GHz
System Memory: 256MB
Power Supply: USB 2.0 port

Power Supply Instructions: 600MB to 3GB per 1 Hour of Recording
Hard Disk Space: 300mb

Monitor: Digital flat-panel (DFP) displays or DVI-I Compatible or digital CRT display or High-resolution VGA monitor
Internet Connection: YES

Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty
Agency Approvals: FCC, UL


Rank #2 – Roxio VHS to DVD 3 Plus

PROS –This converter is easy to use and compatible with a large variety of third-party software to convert VHS tapes.

CONS – You can only export the video files in three formats while other converters have up to seven.

PRICE 59.99 Roxio Online Store

This converter comes with an outstanding software package. CyberLink Power Media Suite has two programs that allow you to capture, edit, and burn VHS tapes to DVD. It also lets you export the captured video into stand-alone video files. You can upload them to different sharing sites like YouTube and Facebook. This software is easy to learn and use, even for those with minimal computer experience.

Tools and Customize

The Roxy Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus (Converter and Software)

  1. TRANSFER – the Roxio software has options to convert your VHS Tapes from VCR to DVD or transfer to a PC. The hardware has options for both composite and S-Video inputs and connects to any available USB 2.0 port on your laptop or desktop. The composite RCA connections will connect to your video device as long as your device has the composite outputs, then the Roxio VHS to DVD 3 Plus can capture video from it.
    1. SPECIAL FEATURE “VINYL RECORDS” – the Roxio software can convert vinyl records to CDs and MP3s.
  2. EDIT – the software editing module can trim unwanted footage, add effects, transitions, titles, DVD menu, chapter breaks, and credits to your video file project. Also, you can add background music or add separate audio files to incorporate into your project.
  3. SHARE – once you have the video file on your PC, you can upload the digital copy to YouTube, Facebook, mobile devices and Sony PlayStation Vita. You have options to export your video files as MPEG1, MPEG1, or MP4 files.

Editor’s Note: The system requirements was taken from the manufacture’s website, Roxio.

System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft® Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows Vista® Home Basic (SP1), Windows® XP (SP3 for 32-bit, SP2 for 64-bit)

Processor and RAM: 1.6 GHz processor and 512 MB RAM or more, or the minimum system requirements of the OS, whichever is higher.

DirectX 9 compatible graphics card or higher, sound card, DVD-ROM drive

2 GB free hard drive space for installation

Windows Media Player 10, 11 or 12

DVD Writer for DVD

Internet Explorer® 7, 8 or 9

One available USB 2.0 port

Minimum screen resolution 1024×768


Rank #3 – AVerMedia DVD EzMaker 7

PROS –This VHS to DVD converter comes bundled with a full-fledged video-editing application to enhance and edit your footage.

CONS – This VHS converter produces lower-quality of the burned disc than the award winning top 2.

PRICE 39.90 Amazon

This converter comes with an outstanding software package called CyberLink Power Media Suite, which includes two programs: PowerDirector and PowerProducer. They provide advanced tools for constructing professional-level DVDs. Burning discs with PowerProducer isn’t as straightforward as it is with PowerDirector but it’s definitely worth learning if you want to create a more advanced VHS to DVD conversions. Compared to the other award winners, this VHS to DVD converter produced noticeable edge distortion, digital blocking problems, picture tilt and frame rate issues. You can still watch and enjoy it, but you may be distracted by these imperfections. It earned the top three because of the phenomenal software package included with the hardware.

Tools and Customize

  1. TRANSFER – use this converter with any software capable of capturing and transferring content from analog devices using CyberLink Power Media Suite. Transfer VCR, cassette, RCA, and vinyl record players to a video format or DVD.
  2. EDIT – most of the editing tools are basic and minimal. Once the converted footage is digitized into a video file you can trim excess footage, add transitions, and assign chapters. If you use the PowerDirector software then it is a full-fledge video editing program. You can edit your footage to a professional-level video by fixing shaky footage, reduce extra noise and distortions, adjust lighting and color, and then add special effects to your converted video file. You can get exactly what you desire.
  3. SHARE – you can export your videos in six different formats, including AVI, MPEG-2, H.264, WMV, MP4, MKV, and mobile devices (smartphones/tablets). PowerDirector has 21 optimization profiles for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and more. It also lets you upload your converted VHS footage to video-sharing sites like YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion and Vimeo.

Editor’s Note: The system requirements was taken from the manufacture’s website, AVerMedia.

System Requirements

For Basic DVD Authoring

Intel® Pentium® 4 2.4GHz

AMD Athlon™ XP 2400+

Intel® Pentium® Mobile 2.0GHz

512 MB memory or above

USB 2.0 Port

Sound Card

Windows 7 / Vista / XP (32/64-Bit)

Installation CD (CyberLink PowerDirector 9 DE & PowerProducer 5 DVD)


Criteria for Ranking VHS to DVD Converters

These VHS to DVD converters are the top of the line in the market. What makes these converters exceptional are based on their hardware and software combined. Each one was reviewed based on three criteria. All the VHS Converters were tested side-by-side and compared by the TopTenReview video experts.

Capture and Customization

  1. Quality of VHS Converter Program – natural and easy to use process from beginning to end with downloading, transferring and editing while burning a new disc with the converted footage.
  2. Copyrights – digitize the commercially produced VHS tapes you paid for that are copyright-protected. The best VHS to DVD Converter programs have a way to bypass these protections. This is helpful for movies and shows that are not available on DVD.
  3. Editing –tools to trim away unwanted footage, add effects, transition titles, add chapter breaks, DVD menus and more. The best VHS converters allow the converted tapes to have a professional appearance with quick and easy access to the converted footage.


  1. Audio and Video – the quality of the DVD’s audio and video compared against the source of VHS tape after converting it. Check for imperfections such as pixilation, motion blur, or distortion of objects in the video.
  2. Capture Real Time – capture and convert the footage in real time. Burn or copy the VHS tape to a disc at the most accurate speed relating to the time it played on your VCR. Different programs and converters burn discs at different speeds. The best programs can create a new disc in less than 10 minutes while poorer quality programs take over 14 hours to burn one disc.
  3. Multiple Viewing Devices –The best programs can create video files and play on multiple devices as well as upload and share on the internet or watch from mobile devices.

Help and Support

  1. Technical and Customer Support – The best converters and programs have friendly support and customer options to help with any complications or problems. Most of the issues can be resolved with their easy to follow FAQs on the converters website.
  2. ContactThe best manufactures allow you to contact via email, phone, or live chat.


Preserve Before Tapes Become Obsolete or Deteriorate

VHS tapes once dominated the home entertainment for the public. If you recorded your own homemade movies, TV shows or other special programming then it is easy to forget to convert the old formats before they become obsolete. These tapes do not last forever because of their physical properties which speed up the rate of deterioration over time. You can save your videotapes by digitizing them with VHS to DVD Converters or using a Professionals Help.