Top 3 Professionals To Copy VHS Tapes

Gather all your old film, VHS tapes and more…

It’s there in the back of your closet, or your garage or attic. That box that you haven’t opened in fifteen years, but would never part with. If you’re over the age of twelve, you know what I’m talking about – it’s your old pictures, vhs tapes, negatives, slides, and depending on your age, maybe even some 8 or 16 mm reels. These formats are a part of our history, but they were not made to last through history. Some of your memories may already be degrading, so how can you preserve them to last forever?

How to go convert to digital?

The easiest way to preserve home movies such as converting old film and copying your vhs to dvd is to use a converter to digitize them. If you are looking to do video transfer, video conversion, or simply needing a place to store boxes of old photos, then use highly qualified video transfer services. They are the one stop destination for all that you need. Simply send them your memories – whether they are photos, vhs tapes or old home movie reels. Preserving your memories has never been easier!


Start sharing again…

Once a professional video transfer service receive your memories, they will get to work on digitizing them for you. Along with vhs transfer and vhs conversion, some offer cloud storage, video sharing and photo sharing. You will be able to view your memories on any device – computer, smartphone, tablet, TV, DVD and more. You can download and save them to your computer or share them via email, facebook or other social media. Once your items are digitized, your old film or vhs tapes can be returned to you, so you can keep your original formats.

Your memories are a priceless treasure. Don’t take a chance on losing them to time and decay. Now, you can preserve them forever with the added bonus of ease of storage and sharing ability. Contact the list of video transfer services below, and let them preserve those precious memories for you, your family and for generations to come.